Aerobic Exercise Features Advantages

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Aerobics training aims to increase lung capacity, promote the oxygen metabolism function of red blood cells in vivo, improve the trainer's body endurance and reduce the body fat content. And comprehensive aerobic exercise can maximize the enthusiasm of the body, each movement to maintain in about 15 minutes, can also be based on the needs of the fitness to replace other kinds of exercise. The heart rate of exercise is maintained at the maximum heart rate ($number), so that the proportion of fat consumption increases.

Aerobic exercise has the advantage of exercising the heart, lungs, so that the cardiovascular system can be more effective and rapid transfer of oxygen to every part of the body. And aerobics is more interesting than other sports, action is simple, easy to learn, the rhythm of the music is bright, have a strong pleasure and physical and mental health and enhance the effectiveness of the body.

In addition to strengthening the body, aerobics can also become a social fashion. Participants can not only meet like-minded friends, but also through the exercise to maintain the spirit of ease, vitality, with a proud posture.

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