Aerobic gymnastics in the Marching room

- Oct 24, 2017 -

"Aerobics aerobics" referred to as "aerobic exercise." Aerobics is a combination of sports, dance, aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics and other forms of movement, into popular songs and other modern fashion elements, the pursuit of human health and beauty of the sport, is a fitness gymnastics. It is a kind of unarmed gymnastics, without equipment, as long as the limited space can be carried out, and is a marching aerobics aerobics, especially suitable for the elderly in the exercise. Through exercise, to improve physical fitness, prevent disease, improve health, shape, body weight control purposes. "Jiamusi Happy Dance Step Aerobics" is a widely popular "aerobics aerobics."

Aerobic aerobics is a kind of freehand gymnastics. Usually with the help of broadcasting, MP3 players and other facilities, according to the gymnastic routines of the matching music and action password to do the exercise, but also can be used TV, outdoor display and other visual exercise. That is suitable for individual, small group practice, more suitable for mass collective in all kinds of square exercise, in response to the national advocacy of Nationwide fitness campaign.

The arrangement is better aerobic aerobics, generally each section is less than 3 minutes, more 6, 7 minutes, focus on the physical exercise of one to two parts, easy to learn easy to practice. In the exercise with the music of the Kyrgyz class, popular with the masses.

Aerobic aerobics is based on the physiological structure of the human body, the movement is simple and easy to learn, but also to exercise the neck, shoulders, waist, abdomen, legs and other parts, so deeply popular people's favorite, especially in the elderly, particularly like to do aerobics aerobics.

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