How to strengthen your body with kettle bell 1

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Provide some way for kettle bell practise to strengthen your body.I believe that love bodybuilding ladies is not unfamiliar with the kettle bell for fitness exercise, you can do a variety of push, lifting, lifting, tossing and squatting and other exercises, through exercise can effectively enhance the upper limbs, torso and lower limbs muscle strength.


8-12 pounds kettle bells
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Windmill Type

Practise: shoulder, back, abdomen, oblique deltoids, buttocks

1. Hold a kettle bell in your right hand, hands naturally fall on both sides of the body, place your feet apart slightly wider than the shoulder.

2. Bending the right hand, rise the kettle bell to shoulder height, the kettle bell freely placed in front of the forearm.

3. Turn the two feet to the left 45 degrees, bend your body and stretch you left hand straight downward to touch the left foot, lift the kettle bell straightly up with your right hand and eyes looking toward the upward side.Expand your chest and move your body slightly forward to the right upright.

4. Slowly return your body to original position.

5. Repeat Practice 5 times and then repeat the same practice another side with the kettle bell.

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