Rules of basketball movement

- Oct 24, 2017 -

The rules of basketball match are more and more complicated, there are 93 articles.

Timeout violation

1.3 Second clock rule: When a team control the ball, the same team members in the other side of the restricted area should not stay for more than 3 seconds. In the course of the game or after the ball in the boundary throw foul throws in the case, as long as the same party in the other side of the restricted area for more than 3 seconds, the referee will immediately whistle, a penalty of 3 seconds violations.

2.5 Second Clock rule: When a ball player is tightly defended, there is no passing, pitching, rolling or dribbling in 5 seconds, and the violation will be pronounced. The penalty for the past 5 seconds is that the opposing players are now thrown in a foul ball.

3.8 Second Clock rule: A team from the Back field control ball, must be in 8 seconds to advance the ball to the front, otherwise 8 seconds of illegal, by the other side throw foul.

4.24 sec. rule: A team must shoot the ball in 24 seconds after it is on the pitch, otherwise it will be sentenced to 24 seconds. If in the past 24 seconds after the ball was hit out of bounds will be recalculated 24 seconds, now from the sidelines after the foul throws no longer 24 seconds, but in 24 seconds in the remainder of the time must be shot, otherwise still sentenced to 24 seconds of violations, sentenced by the other side throw foul.










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