Running machine

- Oct 24, 2017 -

1995, the first operating machine into the market, immediately set off a treadmill of the fitness craze, won acclaim from all walks of life. The EFX adjustable slope design and the multiple resistance level training of whole body muscles provide users with a comfortable and smooth fitness experience.

L Two-field crown: Cross slope and body function are integrated in this instrument, make the exercise effect more remarkable. In the running machine exercise, the buttocks exercise effect is particularly significant, better than in the treadmill, cycling and bench on the exercise effect;

L Cross Slope Technology: Users can choose from 15-40 degrees of tilt by various tests to achieve cross training four head muscles, hips, hamstring and gastrocnemius. The stride varies from 21.2 to 24.7 depending on the size of the gradient, and each stride gives an infinite sense of comfort and naturalness;

L inductive panel and entertainment Integration System: Inductive electronic display combined with an integrated electronic entertainment system, so that the exercise is enjoyable to exercise and also save time;

L can choose 14 programs directly: only 6 keys can control 14 programs, including six physical test procedures. During use, the operator can freely convert to another program.

L Key Control: This button provides a quick button response and prompts the button, it is easy to use the traditional button, even if the user in the use of entertainment system, does not interfere with the input of the treadmill information.

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