The characteristics of basketball sports

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Antagonism: Basketball lasts for a long time, but it takes participants to run quickly, suddenly and continuously, and agility reacts with strength.

Collective: Basketball not only requires the athletes to have the technical and tactical ability, as well as the wisdom, courage, will, vigor and creativity in the competition, the athlete must have the courage and indomitable spirit of fighting and unity and cooperation.

Ornamental: In the basketball match, can appreciate the skillful dribble, clever pass, accurate shooting, witty steals, wonderful slam dunk and unusual cover, coupled with offense and defense crisscross, confrontation transformation, so that the game between the two sides of wits, stadium situation change is dramatic, can make participants and viewers get psychological satisfaction and pleasure.

Interesting: The basketball movement is simple and easy, the interest is very strong, may cause the person, the ground, because when, because needs but different. Through the transformation of various activities, basketball is more convenient and attract people's participation, in order to achieve an active body and mind, fitness strong body purpose, and thus improve the social atmosphere, enrich people's amateur cultural and recreational life.

Fitness: People through the participation in the basketball movement, not only can strengthen the body, but also can make personality, self-confidence, aesthetic taste, willpower, initiative, self-discipline and other abilities have a good development, but also conducive to fostering unity and cooperation, respect for opponents, fair competition in the moral quality

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