Use and maintenance of basketball stand

- Nov 14, 2017 -

First, regular inspection

The most basic work of basketball stand maintenance is regular inspection, two times a year to check the connection, welding parts of the degree of corrosion and firmness, to see whether the body has a paint off phenomenon, whether there is rust, see whether there is perforation. Once the paint off phenomenon, should be repaired in time, otherwise it will cause the steel of the basketball frame rust, corrosion serious, eventually appear the phenomenon of perforation. Rust and perforation parts should be repaired and anti-corrosion treatment, where the welding site is the most prone to decay parts, if there is loose or decadent phenomenon, timely maintenance and repair with the manufacturers.

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Two, use and maintenance

The reasonable use of basketball stands is also a part of the maintenance and maintenance of basketball stands. The backboard is the most vulnerable part of the ball frame, and it is easy to be broken in the process of using, so it is necessary to prohibit the use of bricks and other objects to rebound. The basket used as non spring type basketball hoop ban dunk, as found in the ring or inclined fracture. The basketball frame should be enclosed and banned, and it can be maintained or replaced by the manufacturer.

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Three, cleaning measures

Long term use of basketball frame will cause dirt and other impurities, should be regularly cleaned basketball frame, in the process of cleaning the ball rack surface, should use neutral detergent, so as not to damage the surface of the ball rack. Compared with the outdoor basketball frame, the main maintenance work of indoor basketball frame is clean, because the lack of natural clarity of rainwater, long time using backboard is easy to dirty, so the corresponding cleaning measures need to be taken.

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