- Dec 12, 2017 -

Backpackers, they have a commonly known as "donkey friend", "donkey friend" is a name for outdoor sports, self-help travel enthusiasts, but also fans claim to be self-respect or respect each other's term, because the donkey can carry back, hard-working, Therefore, it is also often loved by fans as one of the proud capital.

The word "donkey friend," which is a term for outdoor sports, self-help travel enthusiasts, is derived from the Internet. Especially to participate in self-help travel, general exploration, climbing, crossing and other self-help lovers. Therefore, "donkey friend" refers specifically to "amateurs" and refers to people rather than to tourism itself. Therefore, it may be a misunderstanding to regard "donkey friend" as a homophony of tourism. "Donkey friend" is also a hobbyist.

In general, backpackers need equipment can be divided into two aspects, one is the basic equipment, such as clothing, backpacks, cushions, sleeping bags, shoes, tents, water appliances, maps, compass, lighting, sunglasses, Drugs and so on. Second, different sports need strong professional equipment, such as the expedition's GPS satellite gear, bicycle shoes and apparel, ice ax with iceberg, ice cone, diving diving equipment and so on.

Equipment selection

Backpacks, shoes, underwear, underwear, hats, gloves, sunglasses, personal moisture proof bags, towels, toiletries, sunblocks, lipsticks, tents, sleeping bags, moisture proof pads, headlights or flashlights, raincoats, Whistle, medicine, rope.

If you like to travel, you need to buy equipment.

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