Basketball Stand (sporting Goods)

- Nov 14, 2017 -

Basketball stand is the necessary equipment of basketball field. Basketball equipment. Including backboard and backboard strut, erect in basketball court both ends center. At present, there are hydraulic, mobile, fixed, hanging, Haiyan, gun and so on. No matter what kind of basket, must ensure that there is sufficient strength and rigidity, not because of the basketball slam basket after large amplitude vibration and deformation, thus affecting the level of the standard height and position of the ring


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Initially, the man who invented basketball is America's James Naismith. Basketball started just a simple basket, Naismith holds it in the indoor sports room two stands three meters above the ground, with barbed wire to replace the original rebounds, he also features from football, rugby, hockey and other sports items, the first basketball game rules. Later, with the continuous improvement of the people on the basketball competition rules and facilities, the prototype of the basketball frame, or basket, remove the basket bottom, and instead of the peach basket with wire ring, made of wood boards instead of initial wire block, so that basketball will improve some more. In addition, Naismith also improved the basketball competition rules, and make not allowed to run with ball, pushing people, beatings and other rules. This greatly improves the basketball sports interest.

From the beginning of 1892, basketball began to spread around the world, basketball has gained popularity and development in the world. Later to play basketball for convenience, is no longer the basket on the wall, but is fixed on a shelf propped up on. The height of the basketball stand is designed according to the factors of height, jumping ability and other aspects of the acquisition of a large number of data into the design. The basket from the ground height is ten feet, when converted to international units of meters or 3.05 meters. Naismith is also known as "the father of modern basketball"

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