The development of sporting goods

- Oct 24, 2017 -

The rising heat of national fitness has provided a broad market capacity for China's sports industry, which is the base branch of sports industry development. China has become the world's largest sporting goods base, sporting goods industry has gradually entered a stable growth stage.

According to statistics, in 2010, the national sporting goods industry scale of more than 329800 employees, to achieve sales revenue of 83.042 billion yuan, in the macro-environment improvement, residents consumption upgrade, market demand recovery and the stimulation of large-scale sporting events, industry growth of 28.54%.

Traditional entity Terminal Sales Mode sports goods retail channel has entered a diversified channel mode stage, large-scale sporting goods mall, sporting goods shopping malls began to appear. However, with the increasing of the retail entity terminals and the fierce competition of the market, the sports goods physical end Shop has a lower profit space because of the challenge of increasing the cost of the shop leasing and the higher inventory pressure. Network sales model to develop rapidly, shopping malls have been emerging, sports supplies network has gradually become a trend.

The global sporting goods industry is moving towards mass sporting goods, new sporting goods and high-tech sporting goods, and sporting goods are well developed in all countries and are in a high position in the national economy. In our country, the development of sporting goods industry is developing towards pluralism and multi-level, the youth sporting Goods, sports goods for the elderly, fashion sporting goods and so on will be the most promising fields in the future, and with the development of the sporting goods industry and the continuous upgrading of products, The sporting goods industry in China's national economy will also continue to improve its position.

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