Electric Treadmill First Use Notes

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Before using the electric treadmill for the first time, please stand beside you and familiarize yourself with how to control it--such as start-up, downtime and speed adjustment, and remember to connect the controller with the clip before running so that the controller can be pulled down and the treadmill stopped. You can use it when you are familiar with it. 

Then stand on the plastic skid board on either side of the treadmill, grasp the armrest with both hands, open the machine to 1.6 ~ 3.2 km/h low speed, the body standing straight, looking forward, with a foot in the running with "Thladiantha" a few times, as far as possible to relax; After the feeling adapts, slowly increases the speed to $number km/h. Keep this pace for about 10 minutes, and then slowly let the machine stop. Do not run at high speed for the first time in case of fall.

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