Fancy Basketball Skills

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Basketball game only get high scores of people to win, then how to get a high score?

I believe you already know, right, that is the goal. However, basketball game, we can not be defending the opponent, then we need to break the line of defense, into the pitcher's range.

No mistake, that is, breaking the line of defense. What we are talking about today is extraordinary skill that will allow you to break through your opponents in competitions, enter your own projects, or help your teammates.


The first, the butterfly crosses the flower

Step one: before the move, take a step to the left from the right foot, not too far from the left toe, 10 cm can be.

Step two: the left hand to the ground when the ball, both feet open simultaneously to the right jump.

Step three: left foot first ground, right foot quickly to the right, and at the same time to change to the right hand dribble, feint right cut.

Step four: the right hand to the ball shipped from the ground at the same time, the body quickly pull a sharp bow right hand right hand ball placement on the right arm clutching the waist, eyes staring at each other.

Step five: Again, the same dribble change extraordinary, but also the same as knife cut tofu-like, neat and neat.

Step Six: I saw someone under the basket defensive, right foot across the same time step on the "brake", followed by his left foot next to the right foot, knees into a shooting position.

Step seven: sudden emergency stop withdrawal jumper.

The second one is to ask for directions

Rules of the basketball rules, after the ball can only have a dribble, a stop ball can not be shipped, otherwise it is two dribbles. But Bryant Bryant has a trick into the move - throwing stone to ask the way, it is the process of dribbling - fake jumper - dribble, in essence, is to change hands dribble.

Step one: raise your right foot, dribble toward the opponent's left shoulder forward jump, a bit tentative right cut taste.

Step two: right foot on the ground, slam the brakes, bow, eyes looked at each other's heel.

Step three: the center of gravity down, the left hand to do potential to stop the ball, suddenly head up lift, an emergency stop jumper position.

Step Four: The left hand did not actually touch the ball, still dribbling with one hand on the right hand, and then quickly changing hands to the left.

Step five: Defender was fooled by a fake jumper, the center of gravity momentarily float up, this time left cut.

Step six: left foot into the restricted area, a look at the front of the make-up has blocked the way, high jump, and to "high point" shot score

Today we first talk about these two extraordinary skills.

Believe basketball friends love all know, want to lay a good basketball, you need constant practice.

Buy a basketball set at home, then practice for a while every day, constantly improve themselves, but also practice a lot of their own ideas.

I wish you happy everyday, good health!

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