Category of sporting Goods

- Oct 24, 2017 -

In view of the professional and amateur nature of sports, recreational and competitive, medical and general exercise sports, social sports and mass sports, according to the different characteristics and uses of sports itself can be divided into:

1, fitness equipment, equipment, treadmill, stepper and so on.

2, Campus sports equipment: pommel horse, shot, javelin, high jump, starter, ball, starting gun, etc.

3, Kang body equipment, equipment, grip, arm, etc.

4, the competition item supplies; such as: Soccer, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, baseball, softball, squash, bowling, billiards, golf, and Weiqi, chess, poker, and other items.

5, sports protective gear, such as ski goggles, wrist pads, protective glasses, riding goggles, basketball glasses.

6, sports clothing, such as sports gloves, sports shoes, socks, sportswear, sports caps, sports accessories.

7, outdoor sports and leisure products, such as tents, sleeping bags, folding, mountaineering bags, sports watches, telescopes and so on.

8, stadiums and gymnasiums, venues and facilities, playground facilities, lighting, audio and other venues.

9, other sporting goods, such as sports nutrition, sports drinks, souvenirs, trophies, medals, sports books, sports magazines, sports and audio-visual products.

10. Home series: Treadmill, simple basketball, stepper, sit-ups and so on.

Sports equipment is generally refers to: there is a special purpose or the construction of more sophisticated equipment. such as treadmills, barbell.

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