Hanging Type Basketball Stand

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The hanging basketball rack is the simplest home use basketball frame, originated in the United States family. The utility model is suitable for ordinary entertainment, and the basketball frame is relatively rare in china. In recent years, the wall hanging basketball rack in the domestic general rate improvement, mainly is this kind of basketball stand does not occupy the area, especially under the condition which the field is insufficient. Mostly in indoor stadiums, which aren't cheap. The market has a lot of one thousand or two thousand or even hundreds of pieces, safety standards, wall mounted basketball installation is very exquisite, see the wall to support must be made, so as to ensure that athletes won't dunk contingencies. (arm, many manufacturers will not look at your side of the field to build their wall of the basketball stand a responsible manufacturer will see your side of the wall to ensure the probe arm does not change whether the case can be used safely.)Basketball Hoop for Kids (4).jpg

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