Home Treadmill Mode

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Has been accepted by more and more people to become a home fitness choice. Simply introduce the function and use of the treadmill: There are five-window electronic watches on the electric treadmill, which will show the runners ' running speed, time, mileage, calorie count and heart rate. In this way, the athletes in the fitness, can be aware of their physical condition, because the transmission belt is rubber, so the impact of the leg and leg joints than happy road to reduce a lot, not easy to cause injuries, so as to ensure the scientific and safe exercise.

Treadmill is a kind of fitness equipment which simulates running and walking. Running and stepping belong to the whole body of aerobic exercise. According to the sports experts, every 1000 meters on land, legs have to hit the ground 600-700 times. Not only does the foot, legs and buttocks muscles vibrate, but it is also easy to sprain muscles or hamstring ligaments. Also, if you're running up and up, the elderly are not fit to go through strenuous running. The treadmill is more and more scientifically designed to reduce the impact on the knees and back by cushioning devices on the conveyor belt.

In addition, the scientific set the exercise intensity of the running function to correct the outdoor runners exercise random problems, by maintaining a certain rhythm and intensity of the exercise, to help the body in the shortest possible time to obtain the maximum aerobic training effect. significantly improve cardiopulmonary function. And since the treadmill is designed to refer to the body's physiology, the player can also use the machine to correct previously wrong running poses.

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