How Should We Cooperate With Their Exercise Intensity To Match Diet?

- Jan 20, 2018 -

After exercise we should eat some of the more alkaline fruit, in order to achieve the purpose of acid-base neutralization.

After intense physical activity, especially after long journeys or long journeys, people often feel aching muscles or sore muscles, exhausted, and hungry.

At this time, what kind of drink should be appropriate, and what food should be taken as well. Many people do not pay attention. In fact, the middle is very knowledgeable. Some people in the thirst for fatigue brought Coca-Cola bottle drink special, mouth chewing chocolate candy, or eat sausage, ham, chicken and the like,  so good for your health?

The answer is no. To drink the above drinks and eat the above foods when they are thirsty and tired will not only help to relieve the soreness and eliminate fatigue, but on the contrary, they will also increase their soreness and tiredness. I say so, not alarmist, but there is a scientific truth;


As we all know, food can be divided into two categories of basic foods and acidic foods, people must eat acid-base foods with the body to maintain the balance of PH value of blood. The so-called acidic or alkaline food, not to taste or taste to identify, mainly to see the food is absorbed by the body after the chemical elements contained in the oxidation as a basis for identification.

Almost all nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and other non-gold elements are more acidic foods, and sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other metal elements more alkaline food. Acid is not the sour taste is acidic foods, such as vinegar is acid, orange, barrel, plum, apricot and other fruits are also sour, but they are not only not acidic food, on the contrary, it is a typical alkaline food. Another example is food, confectionery, fish, pork and other animal meat, etc., is not alkaline food, all belong to acidic foods.

Under normal circumstances, the human body's blood pH is balanced, and bribe slightly biased to alkaline as well. After intense manual labor and vigorous physical exercise, the body sugar, fat, protein will be a lot of decomposition and produce more acid, due to the large number of these acids, people feel the waist leg or body muscle pain, and make people feel Fatigue burnout If you drink Coca-Cola in such circumstances, and Coca-Cola sugar content higher, crumbs acidic foods; eat chocolate candy, sausage, ham, chicken, etc., are all acidic foods. After eating these things, it is bound to "fuel", will increase the acidity in the blood, thereby increasing the degree of soreness in human muscles, so that fatigue can not be promptly eliminated.3-1G1151QF0.jpg

So after work or exercise in the end what to eat good thing. Answer: You should eat alkaline foods. First in the beverage, it is best to drink milk, soy milk into tea, juice (without sugar), drink mineral water or boiled water can also be (in animal foods, only milk and animal blood alkaline food, the other Is an acidic food). As for food, the most suitable after work and exercise to eat, than tofu, dried bean curd and a variety of soy products, as well as fresh fruits, melons and various vegetables. These are good alkaline foods. Kelp is called "the highest of alkaline foods." In addition, the sesame seeds and beans, fried, add ginger and a little salt, boiled with boiling water to eat, you can quench their thirst, but also to eat. Sesame, soybeans, ginger are good alkaline foods, after eating to reduce blood acidity and fatigue, is also very beneficial.

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