Indoor Fitness Equipment

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Commonly used indoor Gymnasium fitness equipment: 

Indoor electric massage chair, Sand Fox Ball, dart machine, air suspension ball, bicycle, climbing machine posture push chest, butterfly machine, straight arm clip chest trainer, shoulder press, sitting rowing machine, Big Bird, small bird, two head muscle trainer, three head muscle trainer, Upper limb extension trainer, abdominal front flexor, Rotating trainer, draw back trainer, low pull trainer, seated curved leg trainer, horizontal curved leg trainer, leg trainer, thigh stretching machine, hip compound trainer, standing calf trainer, leg inner bender, legs outside Bender, Smith machine, squat rack, 45-degree inverted pedal machine trainer, tilt squatting machine, supine push frame, lower oblique horizontal push frame, Upper reclining frame, Roman stool, horizontal bar knee lift, ABS board, sitting calf machine, dumbbell frame, t-boat, abdominal machine, pull bar machine, adjustable abdominal plate, horizontal abdominal plate, dumbbell flat stool, adjustable dumbbell chair, push shoulder chair, barbell Rack, two-head muscle frame, barbell rack and so on.

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