Intelligent Treadmill

- Oct 24, 2017 -

Intelligent treadmill also refers to the multimedia treadmill, that is, the traditional treadmill on the dashboard added music, video (film), network video, WiFi and other functions, enhance the entertainment function of the treadmill to make the user's running process more relaxed, effectively solve the traditional intelligent treadmill treadmill to the user to bring the boring feeling ; The development of multimedia treadmill was initially focused on the color display screen, but with the development and popularization of the Android system, Shenzhen Yi Stone as a representative of some enterprises, gradually developed a different screen size of multimedia treadmill; another implication of the smart treadmill is that The treadmill can download and store the running training program from the network, as long as the user according to their age, weight and other circumstances to choose a specific plan can be, in the entire running process, do not need to manually adjust the speed and slope parameters, running opportunity to automatically execute the user's choice of running plan, that is, automatically adjust the slope, speed and other parameters.

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