Mobile Cycling Equipment

- Oct 24, 2017 -

When it comes to fitness, you think of the gym. In the gym, there is a device that has to be said, and you might have guessed it, that's a dynamic bike. In many gyms, you can see a kind of sports equipment that looks like the bicycle, this is called the Dynamic Bicycle (spinning) The design of the bicycle is very humane, can be based on each person's own characteristics of fine adjustment, including handlebar, car seat, pedal, resistance. Safety foot set is always fixed on the pedal board, the safety factor can be assured. Spinning has its own music choreography, follows the rhythm of the dynamic music, regulates the size of the resistance, under the leadership of the instructor, from simple to complex, including the arm, abdomen and chest, all the muscles are doing work. According to the coach, spinning to improve the heart and lung function is very significant, it burns the average hourly fat also very much, a 45-minute spinning class will burn 400 to 500 calories, equivalent to running 1.5 hours. For the hips, thighs, also have a good shape of the role.

Together, many of them are white-collar workers in office buildings. The reasons for attending the spinning course are also different, some because of the normal work pressure to vent, some because want to lose weight, and spinning effect is the most ideal, and some foreigners, in their own countries often participate in this course. In a foreign section spin-ning class is 60 minutes, but because the domestic just started, so in time still arrange for 45 minutes.

After a class, though I got over it, the whole thing was soaked. The original sweat feeling very comfortable, also very happy. In my opinion, spinning also has a very special place, it is very exciting. Instrument exercise is very boring, although on the treadmill, the eyes can watch the TV screen or listen to music, but two or 30 minutes later, even if they have the strength to run down, sometimes because of burnout and do not want to persist. But spinning is not the same, in the fast paced, when you ride for half an hour, you will feel more and more powerful, but also in the mood of a pleasant atmosphere to burn calories, burning fat.

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