Mountaineering Precautions

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Mountaineering is good for people's physical and mental health, but also lurks a certain danger. In order to ensure safety, we should do it.

1. When a minor mountaineering teacher or parent led, to collective action.

2. Mountaineering location should be carefully chosen. To nearby residents to understand clearly the geographical environment and weather changes, choose a safe climbing route, and make a mark to prevent getting lost.

3. Ready sports shoes, ropes, dry food and water. In summer, be sure to bring enough water, because climbing will sweat, if you do not add enough water, prone to collapse, heat stroke.

4. It is best to carry first aid drugs, such as anti-high anti-drug, Yunnanbaiyao, hemostatic bandages, etc., so that in the event of high reverse, fall, bumps, sprains come in handy.

5 climbing time is best placed in the morning or morning, afternoon should return to the station down. Do not change mountaineering routes and time without permission.

6. Backpack Do not hand, to be back in the shoulders, in order to grasp both hands climbing. You can also use strong sticks as walking sticks to help you climb.

7. Do not take pictures in the dangerous cliff to prevent accidents.

8. For group mountaineering can purchase short-term group travel accident insurance.


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