Representative Figures Of Street Basketball

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Street basketball has many famous people,It includes Joe Howard who's nickname is "Destroyer"、Claudend who's nickname is "Tornado"、"Helicopter," whose name was Herman North was seen by someone who had risen to more than one-half the rebound height...

There are many great people in the world of street basketball,and now we will be the following two.

With reference to the street basketball culture, one must mention West 4th Street in Manhattan's New York City and Rucker Park in Harlem, where many street heroes and myths have been created. One of the legendary Earl Manigaults is that he can easily get 25 cents off the rebound, as well as quick dribbling and cut-in to keep him out of reach and 6 ft 2 (188) tall Easily defeating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, an NBA 7-foot-2 (218) NBA superstar, the Earl Manigault has been described as "the greatest player ever to play NBA." However, due to the influence of drug gangs on the streets of the United States, many street players can not join the NBA even with the best strength, so they can only complete their basketball career on the streets.5bafa40f4bfbfbedb8dee35178f0f736afc31f1c.jpg

Street basketball has been passed down from generation to generation, and every streetball player has his own unique style and skills to win audience approval and respect. And Hot Sauce is the 21st century's most popular street player, because he created many New Tricks, make street basketball more ornamental and entertaining. Street basketball is not just a sport, and it's an art.


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