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- Nov 09, 2017 -

Fang Chuan

Swing is a competitive event shared by many ethnic groups in the land of china. According to the existing literature, it originated from the pre Qin period.

"Ancient and modern art picture" said: "this (swing) north mountain Rong drama, to light (Agile) people." (see Qing Zhai Hao "popular dictionary" Volume 31) Shan Rong is a minority of Ancient Northern Territory, today in Beijing city and its surrounding areas, the original is the swing for military training tools. Spring and Autumn Annals of the first Qi HuanGong troops defeated Shanrong, the land under the state of Yan, also spread southward swing, and later evolved into a game appliance.

Swing in ancient times

Swing, days after the main palace, Zenana games or traditional festival Carnival square content. The Han Dynasty palace for swing high Tang Sheng; boundless "Han Fu" cloud: "backyard swing swing, Chiaki also. Pray for the ages of the Han Shou, the multi swing music palace." Swing was mainly for physical fitness at that time. The palace of the Tang Dynasty called "swing swing", the five generation of Wang Renyu in his notes "Kaiyuan Tianbao" said: "Tianbao palace, to the festival competition, vertical swing, make the odalisque generation opera laugh that pleasures. The emperor called demigod are in play, so people call."

Water swing

"Water swing" appeared in Song dynasty". According to the Southern Song Dynasty Wu Zimu "dream Liang Lu" and other books of records, whether in the capital of Northern Song Dynasty Kaifeng Jin Mingchi, or in the Southern Song Dynasty capital West Lake, Ling'an Qiantang River, held the acrobatic show. Every summer held water swing performance, from emperor concubines, princes, and common people, race to watch. Before the performance, two big carved boats were placed in the water, and a high swing was erected in the bow. During the performance, the drums on the boat were big, and the acrobats on the stern first practiced playing the pole, and then the performers mounted the swings in order, struggling to swing. When you swing to the flat and swing beam when their hands off the rope swing, borrow force echoed into the air and turn a somersault in the air, then plunge into the water. Because the performers looks beautiful and breathtaking different posture, with countless changes. "Water swing", similar to modern diving, is a new development of acrobatics in Song Dynasty. It plays an important role in the history of acrobatics in China and has a great influence on the later generations.

After the Tang and Song Dynasties, swing custom unprecedented popularity in the whole country.

Mill autumn, windmill swing

In Southwest China, there are also popular swing forms such as mill fall, windmill swing and so on.

Grinding autumn and can be divided into two kinds, a mill called autumn, another called Mo Dan qiu. Mill has a pillar in the middle of autumn, the top shaft, on line four at the end of the rope, a rope ring, the four ring spin jump for the play, like a millstone mill, this autumn.

Grinding bear autumn is played, take a long 1 ~ 2 meters, hardwood diameter of about 15 cm vertical fixed on the ground, the top cut from another axis; a length of about 10 meters in diameter, and a wooden pole, intermediate chisel concave, transverse in the column top, which is a



Grinding autumn. Pole ends ride with equal number of riders, with pedals slightly run a few steps, namely rapid ride or creeping wood rod head, wood grinding general rotation, both ends of heave, and when the pole like Tiaodan up and down, so that the grinding bear autumn. With the ups and downs of the rotation pole, landing a side with the pedal, increase power, the rod, pole ends alternately up and down, rotate more than.

Autumn in Yunnan, Mo Dan Guizhou, Guangxi and other regions of the Dai, Jingpo, Miao, Zhuang, Buyi, Gelao, Hani Hani Sheng, which is the most typical.

Hani people grind the autumn mainly on May or June of the lunar calendar. Xu day or held in May in Ohio, called "May years"; June, in the middle of the 3 ~ 5 day held, called "June", the Hani people called "bitter Ariza Festival". "May year" and "June year" are the autumn festival. On the "May years" history, there is a local legend: in ancient times, the sun and the moon haunts, harm to crops, Aaron and Achang siblings decided to rescue the neighbors. They cut to a grinding autumn chestnut, grinding autumn to fly, fly to the sun and the moon carrying them. They tried to persuade them to go around regularly day and night. Ideal, brother and sister were roasted, frozen to death on the sun and the moon. In order to commemorate them, people evolved into festivals.

The car is also called windmill swing in autumn, autumn, autumn, turn around, turn the wheel swing in autumn, because its shape slightly like a spinning wheel, named. The structure of windmill swing is more complicated than that of autumn and autumn. In the neutral venue about 3 meters high, two poles, a distance of about 3 meters, a wooden frame column beam, cross beam central roller a width of 1 meters, such as wheel shape. There are 4 pairs of parallel feet about 2 meters long on the roller, and the ends are short ropes, and the ropes are tied with a wooden plate, like a swing. When playing, 4 people each sit on a board, so that the roller rotation, up and down. Each foot touchdown when pedaling, plus the air three people sitting down, drop strength, Akichi Cho round rotation, fast speed, such as whirling windmill, Shashi good-looking. In the Miao area of Qiandongnan, two people can sit on each seat of the windmill swing, 4 sit on the board and 8 people sit, so the windmill swing is called "eight people autumn"". Windmill swing is popular among Miao, Chang, Lisu and other ethnic groups, among which Lisu nationality is the most typical. The Lisu People turn to windmill swings mostly for women, and they dress up to compete in the festival. The competition is divided into several groups, each group of 4 people, followed by competition. The contestants face outward to sit on the swing plate, the word, like the same swing spinning wheel begins to rotate faster, like turning a colorful ball.

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