The Benefits Of Diving

- Dec 04, 2017 -

1, graceful feelings

People are looking forward to the leisure diving is in a similar state of weightlessness, into a completely different space, people completely relax, so that everything is free and natural, silent in the serene sea to watch a variety of colorful Strange coral and fish. Communicate with your peers with gestures and eyes. This feeling is impossible to land on the land, but also people who have not really sneaked into the sea.

2. Physical exercise

Diving sports can increase lung capacity, enhance the strength of major muscle groups, improve swimming skills, exercise, and even lose weight.

Knowledge acquisition

In addition to mastering many physical, physical and medical knowledge about diving and marine life, you also learn first aid, drowning and rescue.

4. Fitness, beauty

As the diving breathing is compressed air, oxygen molecules flow through the blood to better penetrate the skin, speed up the skin's metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of beauty skin; as people in the water to consume more heat than the land, so Diving sports have also become a good way to lose weight and fitness.

5. Will temper

Diving can also exercise will and cultivate team spirit. Diving can exercise people's psychological qualities, people learn how to deal with unfamiliar environment, enhance the ability to deal with crises and unexpected situations. Divers and diving instructors, regardless of their level, must strictly abide by the companion system and can not dive alone. The companions must take care of each other and help each other.



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