The Fitness Point Of The First Creators Of Aerobic Exercise

- Jan 02, 2018 -

1. Moderate exercise.

A large amount of physical activity may slowly damage your body, for example, running more than 15 miles a week is overdone. It is recommended to exercise 4 to 5 times a week for 30 minutes each time. Cooper believes that as long as moderate exercise, can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


2. Rush fitness.

Cooper thinks a stray run (12 minutes per mile) is a good way to workout and is not as effective at jogging (9 minutes per mile) as it is, and it eliminates the jogging damage to the knee.


3 exercise at any time.

Not necessarily in the gym for 30 minutes, fragmented time can be fully utilized. Walking the dog 10 minutes a day, car wash for 10 minutes, writer job 10 minutes, the same effect.


4. Alternate exercise.

For example, ride a bicycle today, jogging tomorrow; or when running faster and slower speed, enhance the heart's exercise.


5. Not on the weight of health.

Exercise usually reduces weight, but weight does not explain anything. Hard-working fat than sitting thin, much healthier. Do not worry about overweight.


6. Control yourself in many ways.

Fitness is a systematic project, physical exercise is very necessary for physical and mental health, but not a panacea. Usually also pay attention to diet, smoking cessation (drugs), alcohol control, the spirit should not be too nervous.


7. Start with the baby.

Parents should set an example to help children develop good habits of fitness. Parents need to know if their children have enough time for physical training at school and, if not, make up for them through out-of-school exercises. For example, if the school is not far from home, encourage children to walk or cycle to and from school. After school children should keep them away from the TV or computer (at least 1 hour), urging them to do some outdoor sports. Limit children's fast food to a minimum.


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