The Importance Of Fitness

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Most people nowadays are aware of the importance of exercise and fitness. In particular, some white-collar workers are busy with work and can not exercise their time. Therefore, they have time to devote themselves to the "war on the weekends" Make up for the usual lack of training too much. However, this exercise has the same overeating as - usually hungry, met a delicious meal - it is very detrimental to health.

 Because a person sitting in the office for the first five days of the week, basically no exercise, the body has actually adapted to this state. The weekend suddenly took the time to concentrate on exercise, but to break the already formed physiological and body balance, the consequences even worse than no exercise. Some people may say that I insist on playing badminton this weekend, the results of my technology getting higher and higher! In fact, sometimes weekend fitness can improve some of the motor skills, but does not mean that can improve physical fitness.

Experts point out that to obtain a good fitness results mainly by the continuous accumulation of exercise traces, the so-called exercise traces, refers to the body after exercise to stay in the body of healthy stimulation. If the fitness interval is too long, after the disappearance of exercise traces and exercise, the equivalent of every exercise is from scratch. Experts suggest that weekend fitness classes due to time constraints, although usually not as full exercise as weekends, but can choose the right items, ginseng meal near moderate exercise, so exercise traces like a chain connected together. Only in this way can we really improve our physical fitness and improve our health.

So, for those who want to engage in surprise workout on the weekend, it is best not to do so, but should be spread out of this exercise, the most appropriate exercise consolidation should be before the last traces of exercise did not disappear The second exercise, that is, exercise 3-5 times per week, this will be more beneficial to health. The concept of modern health is: physical health, mental health, strong ability to adapt to society, three levels at the same time reach the normal level above is the full meaning of health.


After exercise there will be three results: First, promote health, disease prevention and longevity. Second, the role of the body's exercise is minimal, did not play a role in promoting health. Third, exercise unscientific, have adverse effects on the body. Thus, with the general concept of "as long as the movement can promote health" to understand the movement is not comprehensive or profound, blindly exercise often tend to be less effective, fatigue, fitness goals difficult to achieve, and even have adverse effects on the body . The principle of fitness exercise is a guideline that guides people's behaviors and problems in the exercise of bodybuilding. It is a guarantee that the exercise is safe, effective and scientific. Therefore, we must have a correct understanding and understanding of the principle of fitness exercise, and seriously implement and apply to the practice of fitness exercise.


The purpose of fitness exercise is to achieve the goal of improving the health of the body and developing the function and quality of the body through the orderly and harmonious activities of the body and finally achieving the goal of preventing disease and prolonging life expectancy. Exercise exercise can produce the body to enhance the quality and quality of the basic principles are: appropriate exercise load the body consume energy to produce moderate fatigue, moderate fatigue is beneficial to health. Exercise load on the body's stimulating effect, causing the body's response, the adaptive changes in the body that physical, technical, psychological and health levels have been consolidated and improved. Fitness exercise process is: appropriate exercise load → moderate fatigue → recovery → increase → re-exercise load "" a cycle, if the exercise load remains unchanged, then the performance will not change with the same, its physical function and health level In a relatively platform period, in pursuit of new changes in body functions and health, new loads or new sports items must be added as different sport items focus on the physiological functions of the body. Different forms of exercise will Produce different body changes.

The basic principle of fitness exercise has the principle of pertinence, the principle of appropriate measurement, the principle of prompt recovery, the principle of durability and the principle of all-round development, and scientifically arranges the contents of exercise exercise according to these principles so as to achieve the effect of more exercise with less effort.


(A) targeted principle Person and person in the body function and quality and health there are some differences, people pursue the goal of sports and fitness are different. Therefore, the choice of sports, exercise and exercise load vary from person to person, according to age characteristics, occupational characteristics, gender characteristics, health status and exercise goals to choose different sports content, exercise and physical condition of each other Targeted.

(B) the principle of appropriate measurement

Appropriate measure refers to the amount of exercise and exercise intensity in a period of exercise during the appropriate number of physical conditions invested in a physical exercise in the body to bear the appropriate number of exercise load. The key to the success or failure of exercise is to grasp the amount of exercise and transport

The strength of the input scale, to solve the exercise load is too small can not effectively improve the fitness effect, excessive exercise load caused by excessive exercise, fatigue problems in order to achieve the best ideal fitness results.

(C) the principle of timely recovery

 Recovery is the fundamental guarantee of fitness results from exercise, and there is no fitness without recovery. Recovery process is the process of improving human function, but also to maintain the continuity of exercise can be sustained and lasting premise. There is no exercise and fitness effect without exercise recovery.

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