The Origin And Development Of Badminton

- Jan 03, 2018 -

The origin of badminton

As early as two thousand years ago, a similar badminton game in China, India and other countries appear. China called Hit the shuttlecock, India called Pune, Western Europe and other countries are called clapper cricket. In the 1870s, British soldiers brought the Pune games they learned in India back to China as a pastime amusements during and after their gossip.


It is said that at the end of the 14th century, Japan saw the movement of plugging cherries into beautiful feathers and playing back and forth with wooden boards. This is the prototype of badminton.

Modern badminton was born in England. In 1873, in the town of Broomton, Glasgow, England, there was an Earl of Bautte, who opened an amusement park in his territory, and several retired officers returning from India introduced a network of back and forth Playing shuttlecock game, people have a lot of interest. Because of this activity is very interesting, quickly prevailed in the upper social social scene. Badminton became the English badminton name. In 1893, 14 badminton clubs in Britain formed the Badminton Association.

In the 18th century, a game similar to today's badminton game was held in Poiana, India. The ball was knit in a ball shape, feathery, hand-held in wood, and the ball hit the net in the air. However, the popular time for such a game was not long.


Badminton was introduced into our country in about 1920 and was rapidly developed after the liberation. In the 1970s, China's badminton team has ranked among the top teams in the world.

In the 1970s, the international badminton altar was equal to Indonesia in our country. In the 1980s, the advantages have turned to China, indicating that China's badminton has reached the world advanced level. Badminton at the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 was listed as a formal event, a total of men's singles and men's doubles and mixed play a total of five competitions. The remaining badminton competition is also many, such as the Thomas Cup, Uber Cup and World Badminton Championships.

The development of badminton

In 1877, Bath Badminton Club was established in the United Kingdom, the first badminton competition rules published in the United Kingdom.


In 1893, the world's first Badminton Association was established in the United Kingdom.

In 1899, the association held its first "All England Badminton Championships", held once a year and continued its history to this day.

At the beginning of the 20th century, badminton was spread from Scandinavia to Commonwealth countries to Asia, America and Oceania and finally to Africa.

In 1934, the International Badminton Federation was established and is headquartered in London.

1939 International Badminton Federation adopted by all member states to abide by the "badminton competition rules."


During the 1920s and 1940s, badminton was rapidly developed in Europe and the United States. Among them, Britain, Denmark, the United States and Canada enjoyed relatively high standards. Asian badminton in the 50's rapid development, Malaysia won two Thomas Cup champion. At the same time, the Indonesian team quickly gained the dominance of innovation in technology and style of play. After the sixties the development of badminton gradually moved to Asia.

In May 1981, the International Badminton Federation regained the legitimate seat of China in the IBF. It opened a new chapter in the history of international badminton and entered the glorious era when Chinese badminton players dominated the world.

Badminton was listed as a performance item at 1988 Seoul Olympics (24th Session), while the Barcelona Olympic Games (25th Session) in 1992 was an official event. The 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games (26th Session) Double column for the game. Badminton from then into a new period of development.

In 2006, the new rules of badminton were officially implemented after three months of trial. The first year in the Tomoyuki Cup.


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