The Origin Of Basketball

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Basketball, according to modern understanding, basketball has five pairs of five formal competitions, street basketball and the like basketball.

Do you know what kind of basketball was originally?

Basketball was invented by a U.S. physical education teacher at the end of the 19th century. At first, he nailed two peach baskets to the guardrail of the grandstand inside the gymnasium. The peach basket was 3.04 meters above the ground, using soccer as a game tool, and dropped it into the basket. Pitched into the basket 1 point, according to how many points to decide the outcome. After each shot into the basket, climb the ladder to remove the ball and then start the game again. After gradually changing bamboo baskets to live at the end of the basket, and then changed to tie the net below the iron ring. By 1893, the formation of modern rebounds, the basket ring and the Nets.

The original basketball game, there are no strict rules. Only the number of people participating in the competition must be equal. Beginning of the game, both players stood outside the two ends of the line, the referee whistle and throw the ball to the middle of the pitch, the two sides ran to catch the ball, start the game. The ball handler can hold the ball to the basket to shoot, first reach the predetermined score for the win. In 1908, the United States formulated a unified national basketball rules and issued in various languages throughout the world. In this way, basketball gradually spread throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia to become a worldwide sports event.

Each basketball game by two teams to participate, each team played 5 players. The goal is to score the ball in the opposing basket and prevent the other from getting the ball or score. The ball can be transmitted, cast, shot, rolled or transported in any direction, subject to the following rules.

Use the ball to target the ball at the top of the ball. As the first goal is to use the basket to throw water for the target, hence the name "basketball."

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