The Origin Of Street Basketball

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Every corner of the world there is such a kind of person, they are skilled, wild unruly, sweat all the time, as if born in the pursuit of a flying dream, there is a kind of jumping soul, they are street players , A group of elves that dissolve basketball in the blood. Nowadays, street basketball has become a popular sport in the world, especially loved by young people. From anywhere in the world, you can see that the children of 2322 imitate the idols in their hearts and wear HIPHOP-style sportswear and star signature shoes , Chasing basketball, there are dreams.timg.jpgHowever, the process of the origination and development of street basketball is not all that bright and sunny. As the cradle and street maker of street basketball, Afro-Americans in the 1950s initially only used their simple basketball stands and basketball with something they did not know as a pastime in their own backyard or slums A kind of hobby.

By the 1970s, due to the embarrassment of life and dissatisfaction with government coupled with innate musical genius, a free and creative style called HIPHOP evolved and quickly spread from the black slums to the United States . The main elements include: hip-hop, rap, graffiti and DJ disc. This period is also the era when the streetball in the United States flourished, just like the Kaiyuan Dynasty in the Tang Dynasty in Chinese history.

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